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Hanging Hearts

The "B" Litter

Born on December  6, 2023


At 6 weeks old, the puppies are spending a lot of time in an outside, fenced area just off the lanai.  


The three pups are eating real food and loving it. 


They are social, inquisitive, and very playful.  


These lovely pups are growing fast and are nearly ready to go to their forever homes!


The Puppies at 6 Weeks

Forest Male

Scarlet Female

Violet Female

What comes next...

Today, Scarlet joined her new family and will be living in Oahu.  She will be so loved, active, and happy.   Scarlet is a lucky puppy for sure.  Besides this great family, she even gets two cats for friends!  Best wishes for all...

Forest Green was renamed Vito by new owners Pete and Jesse.  They promise an exciting life for him with lots of outdoor activities, and Pete really looks forward to training his new friend.  Hmmm, "Sic 'em, Vito!" has a nice ring to it.  


Violet cuddling with her dad off the back lanai.  More than anything else, she loves being with the big dogs.  She is intrepid, fearless, and confident.

She will be going to Honolulu to live with her forever family.  She has been very dear to our heart and we know she will make her new family laugh a lot with her sweet and charming antics.

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