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Getting started on the right foot

What you will need for the new puppy?

Order an id tag for your new puppy with your name, address, phone number, and the puppy’s name.  Attach the name tag to the puppy collar, and you are ready to go.​

* Collar

* Leash

* Seat restraint

* Poop bags

* Food bowl

* Water bowl

* Nail clippers

* Dog bed

* Dog crate

* Dog shampoo

* Dog toys and chewy toys

* Floor and fabric cleaners

* Potty pads

* Gates to keep puppy enclosed from other rooms


Before you bring your new puppy home, find a local veterinarian, and set up a well-puppy checkup. When you go, also take in a puppy fecal sample.  Follow your veterinarian’s advice regarding the vaccination schedule for your pup as well as any preventative medications given for the area in which you live. Also ask your vet to microchip your new puppy.

Noble Wolf German Shepherds will provide the first vaccinations for your new puppy.  He or she will receive the first distemper and parvovirus shots at 6-8 weeks. This will be done prior to the puppy being sent to you. 



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