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The C Litter Pups Find Their New Homes

C Litter Yellow Pup with Jennifer and Steve Klein_edited.jpg

Yellow was the first pup to be claimed but wasn't picked up until Tuesday so his family could drive up to Haleakala National Park.  Jennifer is going to name him "Captain Bravo" in honor of her Navy father.

Jennifer and Steve of Kauai.

C Litter Red Puppy joining Alcontara family in Wailuku.  They are dog lovers and promise an active happy life for Red.

C Litter Green Pup with Leslie Sing, Bubba, Eric.heic

Green was taken home to Kula by Leslie, her son and partner.  They live near the Holy Ghost church, a famous Maui landmark.  The family has had German Shepherds before and are going from a working dog line to our show dog line.  I think the experience will be very loving and rewarding for them all.  Green has already showcased her intelligence and playfulness.

C Litter Lt Blue with Gebrael Family.heic
C Litter Dark Blue Pup with Matthew Cotton and son.jpeg

Dark Blue, cutie that she is, was the first pup to leave.  She traveled with her new family, Matthew and Trenton.  They will be joining the rest of the family in Pearl City, Oahu.  The pup had her first flight and did all right.  She will be renamed "Cruella Maleficent", called "Mal".  (We think the family must be Disney fans.)  With five children, Mal will probably never know boredom.

Light Blue was taken home to Makawao by Jorge and Bella.

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