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A Litter Puppies

We are happy to share the news that the last puppy, Storm, has found her new home.

This gorgeous girl was supposed to go home with a wonderful local family.  Unfortunately, after the devastating fires in Lahaina and Kula this summer, they were no longer able to take her. 

She's still hoping to find the perfect fit for her forever family. 

Could she be the right puppy for you?


AKA Storm

German shepherd puppies on Maui

Purple is 10 months old.  She is very smart and loving.  She learns easily and loves deeply.  She  has good drive and eagerness to please.  


She will be your shadow, best friend, and guardian.  When you call her name, her tail starts wagging.  She has one floppy ear that adds to her specialness and charm.

Why an older puppy?

Adopting an older puppy (ages between 6 and 18 months) can offer a unique set of advantages compared to welcoming a younger puppy. Here are some reasons why choosing a slightly older pup might be the right fit for you:

  • They are already potty trained.  There will still be a learning curve in any new home environment, but, with guidance, these smart pups will learn the new routine quickly, meaning fewer accidents and less frequent potty breaks.

  • Head start on basic training.  These clever and eager pups have already learned some basic commands, giving them a head start on training. They’re ready to take on new learning opportunities!

  • Teething is over.  Puppies, like babies, explore the world with their mouths.  This means they can chew on things.  However, older puppies past the teething stage are much less likely to chew on things they are not supposed to.  It’s still important to make sure they get plenty of exercise, training, and have approved chew toys to avoid chewing from boredom!

  • Socialization: Besides living in a loving multigenerational family home, this pup has already started socialization with trips to local parks and playgrounds.  Ongoing training and socialization is still important to the health and happiness of your new puppy.

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